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MMA and Ray Merriman have moved from West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills, Michigan to Scottsdale and Cave Creek, Arizona. Pictured here is Alexandra and Raymond Merriman in front of MMA’s new offices on Pinnacle Peak Road in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alexandra is Ray’s daughter, MBA graduate of University of Arizona, who now assumes the position of Managing Director of MMA, after having worked previously for Vanguard Mutual Funds and J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, Portfolio Division, in Scottsdale, AZ, since 2010. Please welcome Alie to the MMA family!

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Although 2017 is not yet over, several forecasts made in the 2017 book have already unfolded. We will list a couple of the forecasts below as of August 11. Keep in mind these forecasts were written in October-November 2016, and published December 1, 2016, well before 2017 got underway.


ECONOMIC AND MARKET FORECASTS FOR 2017 (made prior to December 1, 2016)


  • The Federal Reserve Board and Interest Rates: My best guess is that the Fed will tighten at first due to growing inflationary pressures and a desire to get back to normalcy, and then revert to loosening...

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You may find the following 75-minute interview and podcast conducted last week of Raymond Merriman, by noted astrologer Chris Brennan, to be of interest at:
The subject was on the use and application of Financial Astrology – how do I use it, and how did I come to develop this methodology. Chris is a good interviewer as well as a very good and humble astrologer. His podcasts are extremely popular among students and professionals of astrology.

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          Greetings, Ted. MMA is very excited to have you as our featured speaker at our 2nd annual MMA Investor’s Retreat, taking place in San Diego, CA, March 10-13, 2017. We’d like to ask you a few questions so our attendees can get a sense of who you are and what you will speak on.

Ray: Tell us about your background as a trader? When did you first begin trading?

The simple answer is August of 1976.

Nixon had closed the gold window and devalued the USD, which by default opened gold sales to us citizens for the first time since 1932....

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Check out the December/January edition of The Mountain Astrologer that just came out in early December. It features a two-part interview with Raymond Merriman on Financial and Mundane Astrology, the economy, financial markets, and the state of the world astrology community. For information on subscribing to America’s top financial magazine and getting your copy of this and the next issue’s interview with Ray Merriman, conducted  by editor Tem Terriktar, call TMA at 530-477-8839, 800-287-4828, or visit their website at

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2014 was a great year for share/stock markets, with 21 excellent trading opportunities. 20 of those 21 excellent trading opportunities were foreseen as such in the summary of the input of 12 well-known Financial Astrologers. Market Timing Digest is proud to present its list of “Best Market Timers for 2014.”

Looking back, we notice Market Timing Digest turn data included the low (early February) and the high (late December) of the year.

Of course, information like this is most advantageous to anyone when it is known beforehand. To achieve this, with the reversal dates that are being brought out by Financial Astrologers, traders...